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Akil "Dj Choc-T" Caruth

Tempo Mas is a carnival mas band comprising of myself, Akil ‘DJ Choc-T' Caruth (the band leader) and my team of DJs, designers and lovers of all things carnival.  I am an international DJ born and bred in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines but now live in the UK, London. After working with the DJs in my team for 5 years at various carnivals and events around the world, in 2017 we felt it was the best time to come together and create a mas band that would surpass all on the circuit.

Having DJed in various carnivals around the world; Barbados, St. Vincent, St Lucia and Trinidad to name a few, we saw a gap for an authentic Caribbean experience at Notting Hill Carnival.  Tempo Mas UK aim to reintroduce that genuine Caribbean spirit, flavour and soul!  With at least 40 years of carnival expertise within our team, Tempo Mas UK will deliver a carnival that’s home from home.  Our young, innovative designers will create a variety of amazing costumes that our DJs will entice you to dance in.   We unearthed the powers that be and set loose our vibes bringing you the biggest, baddest international DJ line up ever to be displayed on the streets of Ladbroke Grove and surrounding areas!

In 2019, Tempo Mas UK added another carnival to their belt. "Vincy Mas" in St. Vincent and the Grenadines! We took our band to our homeland. We took to the streets of Kingstown under the theme "Purple Army" for our Monday band, bringing our very own brand of carnival. The people of St Vincent and the Girls showed their support by ensuring that our packages sold out twice over with over 1100 patrons. With an enviable cast of artists and DJ's both local and international, it was definitely an unforgettable experience.  With more entertainment, vibes and drinks than our patrons could handle, Tempo Mas UK are a carnival force to be reckoned with. Thinking of the future generation in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, we donated 1200 books to local primary schools.

Tempo Mas UK will not only continue to bring their flavour to Vincy Mas and NottIng Hill carnival in 2020 but also hope to add more amazing destinations and Carnivals as we go along.

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