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Date: 21st October 2023

Time: 2pm - 8pm

Venue: Gurnell Grove Community Centre, Gurnell Grove, W13 0AE.

DJs: DJ Choc-T, DJ Vghn, Mcksta, Style Supreme, Kandi Sharma

Price: Event Tick Only £11, Token Only £8, Ticket & 1 Token £19, Ticket & 2 Tokens £27, Ticket & 3 Tokens £35, Ticket &  Tokens £43


WhatsApp: 07940 149 577

Insominia - August Past Event

Date: 26th August 2023

Time: 10pm - 5am

Venue: Orleans Bar 259 Seven Sisters Road, N4 2DD

Performance: Magikal

DJs: DJ Choc-T, Tha Fugitive, Freshcut De Mayor, DJ Style Supreme

Price: Tier 1 £20, Tier 2 £25, Tier 3 £30

WhatsApp: 07940 149 577

Notting Hill Carnival
Reborn - Dawning of a new era - August - Past Event

Performances: Wetty Beatz & Magikal

DJs: DJ Choc-T, Tha Fugitive, Freshcut De Mayor, DJ Rookie, DJ Kandi Sharma, MCKSTA, DJ Style Supreme, Top Notch Swift, DJ V'ghn, DJ Christo, XONE

Purchase packages at 


Tempo Mas UK is proud to present Vincy Cookout - Family Fund Day. This is a unique carnival festival experience combining music, food, and culture! With Wetty Beatz providing the soundtrack, there will be plenty of fun activities for the whole family to enjoy. We’re thrilled to be hosting the event at Magnolia Park in the Hughenden Valley, so come and join us for a day of laughter and good vibes

​Address: Magnolia Park Hughenden Valley HP14 4LU​

Time: 1pm to 7pm

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